Restaurant Fire Systems

Commercial kitchen fires are common. When you are not adequately protected, fires can lead to catastrophe. Luckily, you can avoid tragic fire damage with a restaurant fire suppression system.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

As a restaurant owner, having a fire protection plan is your responsibility. Practicing fire safety goes beyond training employees how to properly use and maintain your restaurant equipment. Even if your kitchen staff keeps equipment clean and follows the proper shutdown and start-up procedures, fires can happen. You need a professional restaurant fire system to protect your restaurant, your employees, and your customers.

What Is a Restaurant Fire Suppression System?

Restaurant fire suppression systems are a must-have for your commercial kitchen, but what are they exactly? Restaurant fire suppression systems release fire-extinguishing chemicals using either a mechanical or electrical device triggered by the extreme heat of a fire. These systems are most commonly located in your exhaust hood and configured to meet your equipment requirements.

Correctly installed systems also shut off fuel flow to all gas-fired cooking equipment in the area they cover. Fire suppression systems help protect your restaurant and prevent the spread of fire by extinguishing flames within seconds. When you invest in a well-designed system, you can avoid extensive damage to your building, equipment, and the lives of those in your restaurant.

Fire suppression systems also protect ducts and other equipment components that collect grease and can be a potential fire hazard.

Restaurant Fire System Installation

Having a quality restaurant fire system installed is not only a vital part of your fire safety plan, but it’s also a code compliance requirement in most states. Fire suppression systems are usually designed to cover most cooking equipment, including:

● Ranges
● Charbroilers
● Griddles
● Salamanders
● Woks
● Any other cooking surface

Today, most restaurant hood systems come equipped with many parts needed for a fire suppression system. Regardless, you’ll need a professional fire protection company to properly hook up your system and ensure it is optimized to protect your equipment and your restaurant. Once your hood is installed, you’ll need a trained professional to come out and perform a suppression system connection or installation. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Restaurant Fire Systems Maintenance

Once you have a restaurant fire suppression system, you need to maintain it to do its job if there’s a fire. A well-rounded fire safety plan includes:

● Routine maintenance and service check-ins with certified technicians

● Employee training on how your system works and how and when to use the manual activation switch

● A backup suppression method in the event of system failure

You should also be sure that staff is trained to keep your cooking equipment clean and maintained. Proper cleaning can prevent grease fires that spread quickly.

Call Today for Your Restaurant Fire System Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and hard work to open your restaurant business and keep it thriving. The last thing you want to deal with is property damage or worse because you didn’t have a plan to protect your restaurant, employees, and patrons. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and keep your business safe.