Fire Extinguisher Certification, Maintenance, and Testing

You have a responsibility to protect your property and the people in it, but you can’t do that without the right fire safety equipment. Routine maintenance, testing, and inspection can help prevent disasters.

Simply having a fire extinguisher on your property isn’t enough. You need to stay on top of your fire extinguisher maintenance, inspection, and testing. At Fletchers Fire Protection, we provide comprehensive fire protection coverage that helps you protect your home or business. Call us today for your fire extinguisher certification, maintenance, and testing.

Fire Extinguisher Certification

If you own a commercial property or business, you don’t just need fire protection coverage for the safety of your property and the people in it. It’s the law. Fire protection coverage is required for commercial, government, and some residential properties throughout the United States. Not complying with this requirement can lead to hefty fines if a local fire marshall finds out. Even worse, you’ll be held liable if someone gets injured on your property because of a fire.

Regular fire extinguisher inspections ensure the safety of your property. Our team provides the fire extinguisher certification you need to pass inspection and comply with local laws. We’ll come to your property and check your fire extinguishers, making sure they’re in good working condition and able to pass an inspection by the authorities.

Did you fail an inspection? Fletchers Fire Protection is here to help you identify why you failed and find the right solution to get you in compliance before it’s time for your revisit. Whether you need monthly or yearly inspections or help to bring your property back into compliance, we’re the team you can trust to keep you safe.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

It’s great that your property is equipped with the right fire safety equipment, but you need to make sure that equipment works when you need it most. As with all equipment, fire extinguishers age or become damaged over time. Our fire extinguisher maintenance services keep your equipment in working condition, giving you peace of mind that they’ll work effectively in an emergency.

Most commercial and industrial property owners invest in regular fire extinguisher maintenance services to protect their assets. Whether your unit is damaged or you need a maintenance plan to ensure the safety of your property, we’re here to give you the fire protection services you need. Give us a call to schedule a fire extinguisher maintenance, and we’ll provide the professional, reliable service necessary to protect your property and the people in it.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

If you have unused fire extinguishers in your home or business, how do you know they still work? Depending on the type of fire safety equipment you have, you may need to invest in fire extinguisher testing to make sure it works. Give us a call to check your equipment. We’ll let you know if fire extinguisher testing is necessary and provide the service you need to ensure your equipment works.

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If you need fire extinguisher inspection, maintenance, and testing, we’re here to help. We work hard to ensure you’re protected. Give us a call today.