Fire Extinguisher Training

Equipping your business with fire extinguishers is one part of an effective fire protection plan. Most business owners don’t realize that training employees to use those fire extinguishers is not just an essential component of your fire safety plan, but it’s also required by law. At Fletcher’s Fire Protection, we perform on-site fire extinguisher training to give you and your employees the confidence necessary to react quickly in an emergency.

If you have fire extinguishers located on your property, call us to schedule training with one of our professional technicians. We’ll come to you and educate your employees on the basics of fire extinguisher use and fire safety.

Live Demonstrations

Understanding the basics of using a fire extinguisher is a critical skill that can save lives when an emergency strikes. From your favorite local restaurant to the gas station, fire extinguishers are everywhere. Despite their presence in our daily lives, most adults have never had to use one.

Teaching your employees how to use a fire extinguisher properly is essential. Our live fire extinguisher demonstrations allow employers to provide hands-on fire safety training that prepares staff for a fire emergency. Our training and live demonstrations cover the basics of fire extinguisher safety, common fire hazards, proper procedures, and allows your staff the opportunity to put out a small, controlled fire with what they have learned.

Call today to schedule your fire extinguisher training with live demonstration. We’ll work with you to offer a presentation that educates your employees, prevents unnecessary fire damage, and helps save lives.

OSHA Fire Extinguisher Training Requirements

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers who provide fire extinguishers to train employees on using them. At Fletcher’s Fire Protection, we have decades of experience in the fire safety industry. This allows us to help you provide fire extinguisher training OSHA approves.

We stay on top of the latest OSHA requirements to make sure your business remains in compliance. Our on-site fire extinguisher safety classes provide you the certification necessary to meet OSHA’s fire inspection requirements. When you work with our fire safety experts team, you get peace of mind that your business meets your industry’s latest safety standards.

Give us a call today to create an on-site training plan that protects your business.

Fire Extinguisher Training Certificate

Based on the current needs of your business and your employees, we’ll create a fire safety training demonstration that includes the following:

● Fire hazard awareness training
● Fire protection equipment overview
● Education on common extinguisher types, classes of fires, and common causes of fires
● Training on P.A.S.S. method

Our hands-on training can use dry chemical or CO2 fire extinguishers to help familiarize employees with the use of a fire extinguisher. Since CO2 fire extinguishers are clean agents that won’t leave a residue, you can have us conduct training inside or outside your building without a problem. Once your employees complete their training, we’ll provide you with a fire extinguisher training certificate to keep on file for OSHA inspections.

Call Fletcher’s Fire Protection Today to Schedule Your Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training gives your employees the confidence to react calmly in a fire. This can reduce fire damage to your property and save lives. Call us today for a quote, and to schedule your next on-site training class.