Fire Extinguisher Sales and Repair

Having the right equipment can prevent disaster and save lives. Since 1988, Fletchers Fire Protection has helped protect countless customers with the right solutions for their fire safety needs.

Fire Extinguisher Equipment

Most commercial and residential properties are required to have fire extinguishers on-site. Even if you’re not required to keep fire extinguishers on your property, everyone should have at least one working fire extinguisher available at all times. Our fire extinguisher equipment sales don’t just protect your property, but they also save lives.

There are hundreds of thousands of structure fires in the United States every year. They don’t just damage properties, but they also take innocent lives. You need to be sure your family, friends, customers, and employees are safe if a fire occurs. Our fire extinguisher equipment sales bring you the best fire safety solutions to protect your property and the people in it.

If you need fire safety equipment, call Fletchers Fire Protection for all your fire extinguisher sales.

Do I Need Fire Extinguisher Sales?

Fires are an unfortunate part of life. You can put safety measures in place to limit fire damage, but you can’t prevent them altogether. Because you never know when a fire will strike, it’s critical to have working fire extinguishers available in your home or business.

Being prepared can prevent significant fire damage and save lives. When you have fire extinguishers available on your property, you can prevent a small fire from getting out of control and causing injury. Fire extinguisher sales also help our customers save money on the high cost of repairs from fire damage.

With the right equipment, you can prevent fires from destroying your property and hurting or killing those in it. Give us a call today to create a fire protection plan and get the equipment you need to stay safe.

Fire Extinguisher Repair

When it comes to fire safety equipment, you need a company you can trust for all your equipment needs. That’s why we do more than fire extinguisher sales. You can call us for all your fire extinguisher repair services.

If your fire extinguishers get damaged or broken, you don’t always have them replaced entirely. We offer quick and dependable fire extinguisher repair to all our customers. We’ll come to your property and provide a professional, affordable option to fix your fire safety equipment.

Customer service is a priority, and we work hard to ensure you get the right solution for your equipment issues. Even more than customer service, your safety is at the top of our list. From large industrial contracts to small family-owned businesses, we are here to provide the fire protection you need to save lives. Give us a call to discuss your fire extinguisher repair needs, and we’ll help you find a quick solution to keep your property safe.

Contact Us Today for Your Fire Extinguisher Sales and Repair

If you want the best fire protection for your home or business, Fletchers Fire Protection is the right company for you. Our work is driven by a passion for saving lives and protecting families. Call us to schedule an appointment and protect your home or business.