Fire Hydrant Testing and Repair

Fire hydrants are everywhere, but they’re often overlooked. While many people assume that fire hydrants work, how long has it been since someone tested them to be sure? Routine fire hydrant testing and repair is an integral part of fire protection to ensure your fire extinguishing systems work.

Well-maintained fire hydrants help firefighters take control of a fire as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of your property and the people in it. At Fletchers Fire Protection, we’re here to provide you the fire hydrant testing and repair you need to keep your hydrants working when you need them most.

Fire Hydrant Testing

The most crucial benefit of routine fire hydrant testing is to ensure the safety of your property. Fire hydrants rust, and over time the caps can rust so tight that you can’t remove them. They also run the risk of corrosion at the valves and joints, which causes hydrants to become unusable. The last thing you want to have is an out-of-control fire that can’t be contained because your fire hydrant doesn’t work.

Cutting corners with your fire hydrant testing can lead to costly property damage and endanger human lives. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your fire safety equipment works well. Other benefits of routine fire hydrant testing include:

● Lower insurance premiums
● Local and state code compliance
● Reduced liability risk
● Peace of mind

If you need fire hydrant testing or inspection, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll come out and take a look at your equipment. Our water flow test equipment will provide you with an accurate look at how well your hydrant works. A flow test can also provide insight into your water supply availability to make sure your hydrant can perform as expected when you need it most.

We’ll give you a written assessment of the condition of your hydrant, so you’re covered with code compliance and liability. Fletchers Fire Protection provides the preventative fire hydrant maintenance you need to save lives.

Fire Hydrant Repair

New fire hydrants can cost as much as $5000. Why spend that kind of money when you can repair your hydrant instead? With proper maintenance and repair, fire hydrants nearly 100-years-old can still be in perfect working condition. Fire hydrant repair helps you maintain your property’s safety at a fraction of the cost of fire hydrant replacement.

While new fire hydrant installation is sometimes needed, many problems can be fixed without going through the additional cost. Let Fletcher’s Fire Protection help save you money with our fire hydrant repair services. We have the equipment and expertise required to deal with all your fire hydrant issues. We’re here to provide a cost-effective solution to your fire hydrant repair needs, from accidental damage from vehicles to corrosion and mechanical malfunction.

Call Us Today for Your Fire Hydrant Testing and Repair

When it comes to fire hydrant testing and repair, you need a company you can trust to get the job done right at an affordable rate. We’re in the business of protecting and saving lives. Give us a call today to get the professional, reliable fire hydrant service you need to ensure your property’s safety.